“The One That Got Away” is a short Super 8 film that was made as part of an Introduction to Filmmaking class at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Super 8 technology was at the time, and still is, mostly a non-sync media, mainly because the cameras do not record audio nor do they run at a constant “sync” speed.  This makes it difficult to use Super 8 to make films with dialog or if fact, any films requiring sync audio.  Story had to be told visually, which in itself is a valuable skill for every filmmaker to learn.  When “The One That Got Away” was first screened, the mixed sound track (music and effects) was played back separately using a 1/4″ reel-reel tape deck.  Syncing picture and sound together was hit or miss, +/- a half a second or so.

Here is the fight scene from the film:

Bethany Gully
Peter Cristo
Sam Cromwell

Steven Holloway