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The first project of the FILMMAKING 101 course will begin on September 1, 2011.

The project will be a conceptual film based on the theme of shadows.  Shadows are an important element as to how we see objects.  They add form and shape and relief to our images.  Since film images are largely 2-D, filmmakers rely on shadows to help separate objects and create a sense of depth to their pictures.  Shadows are also used to build drama and mystery in films.  Sometimes the images themselves are in their own shadow or are party concealed by shadow.

This project will serve two purposes:

1) to encourage discovery.

2) to demonstrate film’s unique shadow characteristics.

Kodak’s 7213 200T Vision3 negative film stock will be used for the project.


From the music video Get Over You

Welcome to Latent Imager.  This blog was created FOR YOU…. aspiring filmmakers who want to learn about the craft and art of film production.

Much has changed in film production since I made my first film in 1980.  Film stocks have improved dramatically and, with the advent of digital and all its great tools and capabilities, filmmakers have been able to expand the medium to higher levels of quality and practical use.  Film cameras too have also changed significantly, incorporating many of the advances in newly developed technologies.  However, even with all the many camera improvements, older cameras (developed as much as 40 years ago) can still produce stunning images, due to the inherent nature and evolution of the medium itself.

The format of this blog is project based… much like a university film program.  However, for the first nine months I will be assigning myself (see the heading “About“) a series of film projects to shoot and post on this site… much like class assignments.  And to break in into the world of film production gradually, the first assignments will be simple Super-8 film projects (Filmmaking 101),  As the year progresses, the blog will advance (one project at a time, one course at a time) to projects shot in 16mm (Filmmaking 201 and beyond).

As the year unfolds, each project, and sometimes its various stages, will be graphically displayed on the “Timeline” and also categorized under one of the Filmmaking 101-501 headings.  Links to related sites, videos and podcasts will also be posted to help facilitate learning.  I’m hoping you will join the blog, follow my progress, add comments and pose lots of questions along the way.  The first project is due to begin on September 1, 2011.

join… learn… participate… reVISION