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Getting tired of the polythene wrapper look of digital yet?  Well, Kodak is working on giving filmmakers more image-creating options by making film more functional and easier to use.

super8_pressReleaseImageRecently, Kodak announced plans to offer newly-designed Super 8 cameras with “digital features” along with a host of post-production services and tools. Details are preliminary and limited, but it looks to be a complete shooting and processing solution, including built-in sound recording, crystal sync at all camera speed, film prints for projection, and 4K digital transfers.

Yes, shooting your movie with your DLSR will still be less expensive than Super 8 film, but then what do you really want… “plastic wrapped” see-it-all-the-time digital or beautiful long-lasting film?



   KODAK releases the world’s finest grain motion picture stock to date: the KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 5203/7203 with unsurpassed image quality, flexibility, archival stability and higher digital compatibility.  Finer grain means cleaner DI files and video transfers, ensuring pristine images full of color and detail, especially in high contrast daylight situations.

   Like its VISION2 5201/7201 predecessor, scenes can be captured with less or no fill, while still retaining shadow and highlight detail and providing faster lighting set-ups.  With unrivaled highlight latitude, KODAK VISION3 50D delivers for filmmaker the world as they see it… and together with the KODAK VISION3 Film family, all the tools necessary to do it without compromise.