Hope you all had (or are still having) a splendid summer.  Today, I begin work on the first Super 8 project for this blog. (See previous post, Filmmaking 101_First Project, 6-27-2011)  It’s cloudy right now but we’ll see what the remainder of the day brings.

I’ve decided to shoot this project on Tri-X B&W reversal film (7266) instead of on color negative as originally planned.  Watching other filmmakers’ Super 8 films online, I’ve been intrigued by the tonal quality of their B&W work.  Shooting B&W also forces one to think more in terms of dark (shadows) and light and therefore, I felt a more appropriate stock to use for this project.  Setting the exposure with reversal stock will certainly be less forgiving than negative stock, since inherently, reversal has far less exposure latitude  than negative stock and doesn’t bode well to overexposure (unlike negative) unless it’s done intentionally to create an high key type effect… but I’m up for the challenge.

As for the color negative 7213 stock, last month I shot a series of resolution/exposure tests with that film stock.  I have posted a portion of those results on the blog entitled “Beach”.

I plan to have this project posted by September 29th.