When “The One That Got Away” was produced editing was accomplished by splicing the camera footage (shot to shot) using an adhesive tape splicer and a film viewer.  All “special effects”, like dissolves, needed to be done in the camera.   For “The One That Got Away” the only two effects that were used: title fades and some slow motion effects (the knife falling to the ground in the fight scene and one running scene).  Unfortunately the film often got scratched and picked up dust in the process.  The final edited film was projected on a screen with a Super 8 projector.  The audio consisted of music and sound effects.  It was pre-mixed and played back from a multi-track 1/4″ reel-reel tape.  Syncing the picture and sound together was hit or miss, +/- a half a second or two.  Of course, these modes of editing and screening are long gone but unfortunately so is the art behind the craft.